Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Midweek Music Box: Donkey Kong Country Music

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Truthfully, I never have liked apes, monkeys, chimps and the like. I find them gross. Also truthfully, I'm not much into funk unless it's done right. Well, the tunes in Donkey Kong Country have just the right amount of funkiness to them that I can wash away thoughts of monkeys and just jam along to the tunes.

Intro Music:

I'd be remiss if I didn't just use the intro itself to showcase this particular track. It goes from what could be just a simple, upbeat tune--into the funky, radio blasting music. It's funny, it tries to be hip, and still has a decent basic beat that can be appreciated even today.

Jungle Hijinks:

Originally this track was actually composed as three separate tunes, but the composer (or so rumor has it) was told to just make it all into one. Well, I think it works as a continuous beat. It goes from jungle drum sounds and flows into a higher tempo as it goes along. I think this not only works for the game but just basic listening goodness. There's something about the mysterious nature of the jungle drums underneath the later half that just helps me get into a groove when I'm working on something (like writing).

Aquatic Ambience:

I hate this track. I'm allowed to say that right? It's not the tracks fault, I just don't care for music like this in a video game or even for listening to in my non-gaming time. I mean, it just feels dull to me. It makes the action on screen feel dull. I could be swarmed by zombies all about to take a massive chunk out of my neck and I'd probably be too far into a boredom coma to care. I don't get why the normally funky, upbeat music in the game takes this sudden turn where I'm reminded of New Age synthesizer music. Can't there be conga drums under water? I mean seriously!  Anywho. I just don't like this music and it makes me want to rush through the stage and never play it again, who cares about the bananas! Just get me away from that boring music before I....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Well, there you have it. Something a little different this week for Midweek Music Box, me highlighting a track that I hated. I may do this again with future articles because I think there are even some in my most beloved of series. Yes, maybe it's time to highlight some of the lesser tracks and say just why they are so bad/unlistenable outside of the game.

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  1. The intro is forever remembered...but it's feeling dated now. I remember being amazed. Cursed modern audio/video!