Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Midweek Music Box: Mega Man Boss Select Theme

To advance to Dr. Wily, just beat this roster.

Just a few simple notes, and you know what you are facing. 

You are in fact facing a robot master and the long journey to his inner lair.  Yes, each boss stage has its own theme, and yes, you even have battle music as you face the robot master at the end.  Before you get there though, you have to choose your battle, you have to select a stage.  When you select that stage, the tune may be short, but it lets you know it's time to get serious.  There's a battle a comin'!

The "Boss Select Theme" for the Mega Man series has undergone numerous variations over the years, but the basic tune and tone remains the same.  Check out the video below.  Each segment only lasts 7 to 8 seconds, but just listening to it should put you in the mood to face up against Cut Man, Elec Man, Dive Man, Top Man, or any one of the literally dozens of other robot masters within the Mega Man franchise.

Prepare to fight!

Short and sweet, this little ditty has has let us know for nearly 30 years that a robot master knows we're coming and he's ready to try and take us down.  You can't help but think of a Mega Man robot master showing off his moves against a starry back drop when you hear certain variations of the tune. 

Booyah! My own weapon hurts me a ton!
Wait, what?

I remember when playing this game, regardless of what robot I faced off against, I knew I'd get to hear this theme, and it absolutely rocked.  I was pumped and ready to hunt down the robot master and take his powers.  Yes, the track amounts to less time than an average session of knuckle cracking, but it's hard to imagine getting down to business without those few seconds of music to get you in the mood for battle.  

Sometimes short and sweet (or rocking) says everything you need about what's going to happen.  After all, don't sports enthusiasts everywhere love the simple, yet powerful thundering *boom* *boom* *clap* of  Queen's iconic song, "We Will Rock You?" Now, I'm not saying the boss select is on par with that slice of awesomeness, but it just goes to show you don't need a long, blustering song to get you ready for a good game, or in this case, a good video game.  It gets the job done in a short but memorable way, and sometimes that's all you need.

 Speaking of which...

The selecting is done.  

The Robot Master awaits!

Try not to die along the way this time, okay?

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