Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Midweek Music Box: Dr. Mario (Fever Theme)

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As I sit here (lie here?) in bed for what feels like the 20th day straight (but is in fact only the 7th/8th day of being sick) I can't help but wonder if I can push myself to actually get today's Midweek Music Box written. Well, thankfully there's a cure for what ails me and that's good ol' Dr. Mario! Specifically the "Fever" theme from the famous puzzle game. So, speaking of the fever theme, here's a 30 minute loop of that classic 8-bit tune:

"Fever Theme"

Just like Tetris, you can choose what music you are going to listen to before you start up the endless puzzler, so this may not necessarily have been your "jam" when eliminating viruses with the good Dr. Mario. But just like the classic Russian folk song will be forever jammed in most of our minds as the "Tetris Theme," so the Fever theme will be the tune most of us usually associate with the game. It's peppy and catchy, with a couple of odd bits that sound more like sound effects than they do music--but it's still pleasant to listen to when working away at something. Like for example if it's late in the day and you are still laid up in bed and needing to get a game blog done but want to soak in a tub until all the pain goes away...maybe I should just take one of those pills that Mario's tossing about and hope for the best.

Anywho, it's funny how several puzzle games like this always had the "go-to" track that most of us listened to and came to think of as the main theme of the game. In fact, I really don't care for the main theme/intro music of Dr. Mario and find it a little harsh and grating. Sorry, not going to link it here, I think that little of it. But really, we aren't meant to linger on the main screen of a puzzle game. We're supposed to dive right into the action and get playing for hours on end--which is why I picked a half-hour loop of the Fever song. I like music that makes you feel like you need to get going and get things done, and in this case, Dr. Mario continues to serve up the right prescription when it comes to having a cure in getting things done.

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