Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday Night Rentals: An Introduction

So here we are, finally, finally I can start the video game blog.  Yes, I know it still has rough edges, but sometime you just have to move forward on a project, rough edges and all.  I plan on getting a better background image, getting the main page a bit tighter in composition, and a host of other little things here and there that I can work on along the way.  I feel though that I need to get going with this gaming blog or it will become just another one of those "what might have been" projects.  So, without further adieu, here is the first post and the first in a weekly series, in addition to other posts that will be appearing on the site.


My parents were unable to give me the $100 allowance that I needed when I was a kid, and this was a bit of a problem.

You see, Nintendo games were anywhere from $40 to $50 a pop, and such generous allowance would have meant that I could have gotten a few video games a week, each week, while I was growing up in sunny California.  Well, my mom and dad worked hard, but they probably would not have given me a ridiculously high allowance even if they could have because, well, that would have been kinda spoiling me and teaching the value of a dollar was important and all that stuff.  So, the only way to experience as much of game-dom as I could was to either hit up a video store or go to my grocery store’s video rental area one a Friday afternoon (because I had homework during the week) and hope and pray that what I picked wasn't tear-inducing terrible. 

Now that I’m older I can actually spend a little of my budgeted fun money to grab the titles that I missed out on in my youth, even if some of them are now higher than they were back in the day.  (A hundred bucks for Demon's Crest?  Really?)

With that said, every Friday I will talk a bit about the games we rented and loved...and hated.  The fun, the failures, and the frustrations that came with those weekend rentals.  I figured what better way to kick off the blog with not only a trip down memory lane, even if at times those memories still make me shake my head to this day with a "Why did I keep torturing myself that way," remembrance.

Before I release the first of the actual reviews and memories, I just wanted to "lay a few ground rules" as it were, about what went into the games that were rented.

-How did cost effect what we rented?

-Did desire to beat the game motivate what we rented?

-Passcodes and save states effected what I rented, but what games did I make it a point to rent until I beat them?

-Did we rent because of box art?

Granted this won't be the only things that I will be talking about, but I figure this is a good start.  Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope see you back here in the future!


So what game will I be doing first for Friday Night Rentals?

Well, the game I plan on doing seems to be initiation when it comes to the game review community
funny thing is, it really doesn't seem like a horrible night for a curse.  In fact, it seems like a downright wonderful one for a curse!

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