Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Midweek Music Box; Theophany "Time's End" Majora's Mask

All things end.  All things draw to a close.  Halloween approaches and the end of this "season" of the year nears it's conclusion.  Time to wrap up the Halloween-themed Midweek Music Box picks with one that I find one of the most terror inducing of all.

For the record, I hated this music when I was a kid.  But in a good way.  You know, it's a love-to-hate thing.  The music on the last notes of the last day freaked me out, it left me completely unsettled, and it made me just want to restart the game's three day cycle simply so I wouldn't have to listen to that doom-filled music.  Soon...soon the rest of the world and I would experience a terrible fate, a final conclusion.

Everything in the game took on an unearthly quality. A sense of unstoppable horror and dread permeates every inch of Clock Town and pretty much wherever you are has an atmosphere of doom.  The people of the world know the end is coming and they cannot escape it.  Sure, you can travel back in time, but those people, in that timeline, for them the dawn brings the sun and the moon...and death.  That tune for those final hours send a chill up my spine to this day.  I like it for the mood it sets, and that it takes me back to a time when as a teenager horror movies couldn't scare me, but a simple tune could.  So when I heard Theophany's "Majora's Mask Remix" online a few year ago, I knew I had found not just a fantastic tribute, but a music mix which dialed up the dread to 11.

So why not give it a listen:  

"Final Hours"

Talk about eerie.  I mean, just picture that pumping out your window come Halloween?  Why not make a mock-up of a Redead to really set the mood a tad further?  Okay, maybe not.  Go with something less scary like a zombie or werewolf.  When it comes time though, I don't know if I would really need much else to set the mood for kids coming up to my home on the 31st.  There are definitely other tunes from Nintendo's library of games or 3rd party game makers who hit the coffin nail on the head.  From Ghouls and Ghosts, to Castlevania to even the Boo House from Super Mario World--Get some game music into that haunting rotation of yours and have a Happy Halloween.

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