Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Midweek Music Box: Bust-A-Move Main Theme

I know it's May the Fourth be with you day, and I could make this Mid Week Music box about music from a Star Wars game but....What can I say, I'm in a pleasant music kinda mood of late. I love the theme from Star Wars, but right now, I need a break. I've mentioned before that I've taken on loads of work of late, but I can't stress the stress--so to speak--that I feel right now. Long nights, early mornings, and back and forth from a retail job to a freelance writing contract. While I'm happy for the money this puts both in my savings and towards games--I just wish I could lose myself for a few hours in a relaxing puzzle game...or at least the music from one

Okay, so most any puzzle game you pop into a system will likely greet you with either jazzy tunes or music that while upbeat, gives you a sense of urgency as you play.  Tetris has a fantastic soundtrack, but I wouldn't exactly call it's theme song something I could sit back and relax to.  See, because in any puzzle game, you're likely playing a game without any defined end, so the music for these types of games typically loops after only a minute or two. When you think about it, we ask a lot out of those puzzle game tunes because those few notes have to carry you through your entire gaming experience. Usually there aren't any "worlds" or levels per-se within a puzzle game. Usually what you have are a few background change ups--if you're lucky.  So when a game like Bust-A-Move presents a simple-yet-satisfying soundtrack like it does, you just naturally want to keep listening to it:

"Main Theme"

Do you hear that? Charming and upbeat, satisfying and pleasant, and something I wouldn't mind having an extended loop of on my iPod. It bops along as you bust bubbles, and even if you were to pull away from the game and just listen to it for fun, you might find yourself bopping along as the tune goes on its merry way. See, sometimes music for a game doesn't need to rev up the action or make you have a constant sense of tension to keep you going. In fact, as this game is basically a port of an arcade game, I can see where having pleasant music would make me even more likely to plunk in another quarter. I mean, can't you imagine yourself in an arcade saying, "Yeah, Final Fight was fun and all, but I felt chill when playing that game. Let me pop in another buck or two to see how far I get. Maybe snag a high score."

Okay, you likely wouldn't sound quite that dorky about it, but given the appeal of the game compounded with a sound track that has an infectious pleasantness, why not pop in another quarter or start a fresh round if for no other reason than to hear a tune that will help you relax? After all, the night is young, and even though there's work to do, there's always time for just one more game. Right?

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