Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Midweek Music Box: Pokemon Music

How can I not talk about this of the Midweek Music Box?  Really, you should have seen this coming. I mean, seeing as Pokemon Go has stormed not only mobile gaming, but the world at large.

"Only now do you understand. Only 
now do you begin to see our true power....

Yes, it seems only fitting to devote this week's Midweek Music Box to a collection of songs from the franchise that helped Nintendo to reconquer the world: Pokemon

Original Game Intro/Title Music:

"Intro/Title Music Pokemon Red and Blue"

How iconic can you get? I mean, it was amusing, adventurous, and cheerful--exactly what you have come to expect in any given Nintendo property when it comes to the music.  Little did we know at the time this simple tune would 20 years later----

"Has it been that long?"


20 years later become one of the most iconic tunes in gamedom, taking a spot up there with Legend of Zelda and Mario. And, much like those two beloved franchises, it spawned a TV show with a theme song that entered into history itself. Speaking of which:

Pokemon: Indigo League

"Theme Song"

I'm guessing there's a world of difference between belting out, "I want to be the best, like no one ever was," and "Do the Mario!" It was wise of the cartoon creators to keep going and making the series and it's pretty incredible to think that the series has kept on going in one form or another. Even Mario and Link didn't get that opportunity. For many of us though, this particular song and intro music still represents the one and only Pokemon TV show theme song. Yes, there are numerous spin-offs and leagues and such based on the follow up games, but none of them quite have the same go-get'em attitude of the original. It's lyrics not only spell out the goal of Pokemon trainers, but has a catchy and energetic beat. Sure, it seems corny now, but to encourage kids to be the best (even if it was in Pokemon catching) seems inspirational by today's standards. Of course, if you want to go really bizarre when it comes to Pokemon themes, then you need to go a little Weird:



Egad! Is there anything that doesn't become that much more awesome with a generous helping of Weird Al? I mean, really, the song just makes you want to dance along crazily. Not only does it have those typical Weird Al hallmarks of zaniness and merry-go-round gone mad attitude, but it actually names several dozen Pokemon over the course the song in a way that both helps you to remember the names and smile as you say them in a way the original Pokemon rap never quite could.

Well, however you choose to jam while playing Pokemon, you can't deny the impact it has had on our culture, even without the insanely popular Pokemon Go app, Pokemon has worked it's way into our hearts both through well-executed gameplay and a soundtrack to get you ready to catch'em all.

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